Clinical Psychologist

Individual - Couples - Group Psychotherapy

Services Offered

Individual Therapy:  I practice depth psychotherapy

and draw upon psychodynamic, cognitive, interpersonal, 

existential, and humanistic approaches.   The process  leads

to greater self-awareness and connection with feelings. 

By understanding past experiences and behaviors you can create different choices leading to new outcomes.  If all goes well, through therapy you can attain greater acceptance and valuing of yourself, a sense of meaning and purpose in your life and work, and positive relationships with others.


Group Therapy:  In group therapy the therapy proceeds on two levels.  On one level members bring in concerns and issues from their day-to-day lives, e.g. workplace challenges, moods, relationships conflicts, exploration of personal identity.  Other members provide support and feedback, often connecting with related experiences in their own lives.  On another level members can address what is happening interpersonally in the moment.  The reactions and feelings that come up provide a useful reflection of what happens in day-to-day life.  By expressing and understanding these interpersonal reactions a greater degree of self-acceptance and self-mastery can be attained.  This translates into more confidence, ease, and success in coping with life.

Couples Therapy:   Please see my page on Imago Relationship Therapy.

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Laura June, Ph.D.