Clinical Psychologist

Individual - Couples - Group Psychotherapy

Laura June, Ph.D.


Welcome to my private practice of psychotherapy in

North  Baltimore City.  The reasons that people make

an appointment to see me cover a wide range of ordinary

and extraordinary life issues.  These might include:

· Depression or grief—unable to enjoy much or get enough from life

· Anxiety, excessive worry, hypervigilance—waiting for the other shoe to drop

· Traumatic or abusive experiences—feeling hindered or hung up on the past

· Self-esteem—difficulty in making yourself a priority or practicing self-care

· Workplace or career issues—not getting to where you want to be, or not sure where that is

· Relationship challenges—from spouses/partners, to friends, family, or co-workers

· Lack of intimacy—are you longing for more closeness?

· Stress—juggling multiple roles and responsibilities



To  contact  me:

Phone: 410-235-7899

Fax: 410-433-2288


Stone Mansion

4901 Spring Garden Dr.

Baltimore, MD  21209